Thursday, 14 July 2011


Alone or can be said single.

Whenever I go and travel, I am alone. Actually, I dislike alone but sometimes its not my choice. Maybe the person that I met is unwilling to wait for me and result in this. I know clearly that it's impossible to call a person wait and sacrifice his/her time just to wait me. I start my first step by waiting others, is hoping that one day he/she can wait for me.

Other reasons, I am always alone, is because I'm not good in socializing. The moment I see them, I'm blank and don't what should talk with others. I'm also too lazy outing with friends. For me shopping/outing is very tiring and wasting a lot of time. When I am tired, no matter how interesting event is and how delicious the food is, I'm not interested at all. The only way I can get out of tiredness is sleeping.

Only left a few days, I have be in Ipoh for a year already. But, I can still feel there is a gap between my friends and I. In my thought, maybe it's due to age and different color. 99% of my friends that are same badge with me is younger than me, mostly are two years younger than me. I have to study 5 and half years in Ipoh, plus 2 years of Form 6, I actually spend about 7 years on my study before I work. 7 years, a doctor is graduated but I am just a teacher.

I afraid of either going back to Sarawak or come to Ipoh. Reason is the same, alone. I hate Perak as its a place without airport. I have to wait at KL's airport for hours and days. I wept when Im alone at airport because no matter how sick i'm, I have to wait till the morning bus to arrive Ipoh. (for safety)

When I am alone, I really hope there is a partner can accompany me, talk to me, give happiness to me as well as helping me carry the luggage.Haha.

I am alone, are u willing to wait me?

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