Thursday, 28 July 2011

A good leader is a good speaker.

A good speaker would always give sweetener to their listener. The basic moral of a leader should have is greeting people before you inform or announce something. This is respect others and have attention from listener.

But recently, the leader that I met is rude. Before talk, started to yell and shout at people. Hey, leader, if u want us to really respect instead of hating u please behave well of yourself. "Don't sit on sofa", "Why u wearing short", "Why u coming late" and some more. Hallo, the sofa prepared is for people to sit not as decoration. The meeting u set was mini meeting and nighttime, of course we can wear short. Leader be flexible la ok, don't act like Miss Caroline in TKAMB. Don't expect all people that u ordered will come to meeting. We too have our personal things to settle. Thts y we will late. 

So, leader, please be empathy. Put urself on people's problems. If someday, u also late and others ask the same question to you, how u feel? If u continue to behave the ways u are, u r not different as the samseng outside. People don't answer ur question and put down their head, it doesn't show that others are respecting but hating and afraid of u. 

With this I end my case.

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