Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Home is My Kingdom, My Country

It seen that I had been left blog almost a month. Due to lots of assignment have to be submitted. Now, is the time to enjoy my holidays by paying a visit to my home and my mum.

My holidays just one week. But I choose to go back. I wish to feel the natural surrounding of my home. I love to plant flowers, but I am too lazy to take care of it. As a result, my mum took the responsible to take care it.
2nd house, builded on 1991.
In contrast, my dad loves to plant vegetables. But now the farmyard is full of grasses because he is busy of his work. Whenever he back from his work, though only a month before he flies, he plants banana, sweet potatoes, papaya, kangkung, long beans, black pepper and some more. Oh, I miss the vege that he plants. Its fresh and free from pesticide.

my cat
I love what my dad planted and I love too what my mum did. I miss the chicken soup that she cooked. Thats awesome and fantastic. She is good in cooking.
Huge hibiscus  
My dad bought this piano since I was standard 2
My mum said it'll soon belongs to my kids.
Haha. But when???

Lots of sweet memories at my house appear in my mind.
Thats all because I still need to continue my journey tomorrow. Is tiring, lonely and sleepy.


  1. have a safe journey kak lu!!! hepi holly!!

  2. haha.sorry late reply.belated happy raya celebration. and now welcome back to here again.
    btw,thks, i had safe journey to and fro.

  3. remind me at my home....
    same environment.....^^
    bunga raya tu besar la kak lu..
    the cat, i want to cubit2 je rasanye...hehe

  4. jabar, u house also at kampung???
    yaya, i planted tat bunga nw tak berbunga dah sebab tua.
    my cat was borned on 2007 and i hope that it'll still around when i graduated.