Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tempurung Cave

Last friday, 22 Julai 2011, my class and k12 organised a tutorial trip to Gua Tempurung. Last year, i was sick that unable me go there but i had get chance this sem.

It was challenged trip when we went into the narrow paths and crawled in the water and slided down the slope. The whole trip taken about 4 hours. I got a "bao" on my head. I hitted the lime stone. So, its better be a dwarf when in the cave. Im the only one who wore short pants with slipper. I lost my slipper when climbed stairs. Ms Jennifer only be with us for a moment and along the way a tourist guide and Mdm Hanis accompany us.

Thanks to Fatheen who snapped lots of photos. And caring of Mdm Hanis, Ms Jen's nasi lemak. Last but not least, thanks to all my friends who made lots of funs.

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