Tuesday, 19 July 2011

365 Days

Today, I am officially 1 year in Ipoh. It is great that I had been in Ipoh for 366 days actually. I came here on 18 July 2010, a day before registration. Its seem that my mum still good in memory. She phoned me just now. Lots of bitter and sweet memories had been experienced here and there.

Back to memory, on 14 July 2010 (Thur), evening time, I received a message saying that I had been offered to study at Maktab Ipoh. At first, I thought this is a threat. The next day (Fri), one of my friends helped to check through website and its real. I was nervous as I didn't prepare anything yet. At the same time, i'm happy too cause my dream came true, which I prayed very hard to God. Only left a day to finish official stuffs such as medical check-up. I just packed important things came to Ipoh. My mum was worried because there is no one accompany me along the journey. Luckily when I sat in the flight, a lady beside me (whom I unfamiliar with at that moment) is studied same maktab as me. There are 4 of us safely arrived the destination.

After a month, I been here, my dad just knew it. And after 3 months, my sister knew it. Same things goes to my friends, relatives and neighbours. My journey is sudden, quick and unknown by people. The food in Peninsular is very spicy. I only ate 3 burgers, third time be at night market, fifth time be at Jusco and Tesco. I  went 2 camps in Bukit Merah and Kemunting respectively and 1 day trip in Penang. Last time, I lost the chance go to Gua Tempurung but soon will go.

I learnt to be independent here. A good socializing skill is important. Because the way a person talk and act can show out his/her personalities.

Thanks to person who belittle/ underestimate you. (when you r poor or unable in some aspects)
Thanks to person who is arrogant and show off to you.
Thanks to person who gossip of you.
Thanks to person who isolated/ alienated you.
AND thanks God that you are kind hearted to accept this person as your friend.

Mum and dad, after 5 and half years I'll back to Sarawak look after you. Sorry that I had to be cruel to do my decision study so far from you. Take care of your health my mum and dad be careful at workplace.


  1. happy anniversary kak lu!! hope u enjoy ur live here in peninsular=).. kak lu, follow me laa... hehe

  2. ur post is so sad. I almost cried. T.T

  3. umi:thks u. i followed u already.

    lala: u r right. i wept when i wrote this entry.

  4. ya ka? but u r not in my follower's list lorhh.. =)